Gay for Pay

I started off my Pre-Pre-Pride festivities by meeting a bunch of folks at the Metro. We moseyed over to Daddy’s Bar where we had a little pizza & beer thingy in the back (Thanks FTP & David!).

At some point in the evening, still at Daddy’s, Absolut was giving out samples of their vanilla vodka, mixed with orange juice. Think Orange Julius or a Dreamsicle, but with that something extra that makes you forget you just had one, so you take another one from the tray going around. And another. And, oh, ok, just one more.

Then I found out that there were free muscle-T-shirts to be given away, if only you would take your shirt off, have a picture taken as a ‘before’ shot, then another picture after you put the Absolut shirt on. So, what the hell.

One of the Absolut boys was wearing what I thought was a just the one black feather (fake, of course) boa and I asked—ok, maybe begged—him to tell me how on earth I could get one of those things for myself.

He kissed me, smiled, and put one around my neck. Turns out he had a bunch of ‘em and was giving them away to guys with the Absolut shirts on already.

See? Whore.

It was stinking hot in the bar, so i ended up removing the tshirt, but keeping the boa on. By the time we all spilled out into the streets of Pink Saturday, I had the boa tied around my waist, still shirtless tho.

All in all, it was an Absolut(e) Blast!