Gay! Gay! Gay!

Boy, what a fucking great day yesterday!

I started off waaaay overdressed in diesel jeans, a ripped thermal (“longjohns”) shirt, leather jacket and black feather boa (see “Gay for Pay”)…but it was dreary out..and i wasn’t at all confident that Mother Nature was still a dyke, still interested in working her meteorological magic. But she did!

The ever-miraculous FTP and I walked around together, just the two of us, for the first few hours before we met up with other folks, including FTP’s boyfriend who is also pretty damned cool.

Thankfully, FTP’s bf lives very close by, and i ended up ditching the shirt and the jacket, keeping the boa and buying myself a “HUMAN” (brand) fishing cap. Very stylin’.

After walking around the Festival for a few hours, we all headed to the Eagle, then to the Lonestar, then flipflopped back to the Eagle. Lots of beer, lots of great fun. Lots of celebratory joy bursting all over (get a mop!)

When i walked out of the Eagle around 22:00, i opened the glove box on the vespa

and here were the contents:

  • 1 black feather boa
  • 1 thermal shirt, ripped at the shoulder
  • 1 yellow plastic ball, left there for me by someone, who knows who
  • 1 nearly-see-thru jockstrap, a free gift for joining at email list at AllStarJock
  • 1 pair of snowboarding gloves, that double as cold-weather scootering gloves
  • 1 leather jacket

Well, ok, so the jacket and the shirt were tethered to the helmet lock and not exactly IN the glove box…but you know what I mean.

But I remember looking at all of it, there, with my light blue Vespa P200E parked alongside Harley Fatboys, 2-wheeled Winnebagos, and wondering how I got to where I was right in that moment, years of history rushing at me and coalescing into the motley rota above.

It reminded me that most often, rhyme and reason play no part in making us each who we are or where we’ve been?

How glorious life can be, sometimes, yes?