Porky & Bess…

My pal Ggreg Taylor is throwing a big danceclub/benefit/costume ball for the San Francisco Opera. Tonight. I have been spending all day being more of a drag-thing that I have ever been, buying up all the pink whatever I could find, in order to put together the official Coming Out of Pleasure Piggy.

Pleasure Piggy is something my freakishly-miraculous friend, FTP, calls me just so he can watch me blush. He enjoys teasing me because, as he says, a) it’s so damned easy to get me to blush and b) I am good-natured about humor, especially when it’s myself that’s the target.

I take it as a compliment when some I care about has such good aim in teasing me. It makes me feel all tingly inside (I loves me my Fred)

Without further ado, I give you……Pleasure Piggy!