Silly PAGS

Metrosexuality…I’ve been hearing it a lot, lately. Soi disant straight men who have embraced (ahem) gay culture. All of the fabulousness without all that annoying stigma.


In another sense, it’s fag-lag that has finally caught up. “Fag-lag” was always my name for the testosterone-imposed delay between gay fashion and straights espousing it. History is littered with trendoid macho-shitheads who, after years of ‘bashing’ on the homos for things such as earrings and relaxed-fit soft-leather bomber jackets, end up wearing said trend-fodder cuz,y’know, “it’s ok now”. Well, it’s fag-lag caught up, i think.

For my part, i’m going to refer to them as PAGs….Penis-Averse Gayboys.

If they’re going to fuck with the boundaries, so will I.