Haikusday! + 1

I blame my 5 days with no watch, no calendar, no sense of time, but this is a day late.

This week’s topic: Dubya.

Let the vitriol flow, folks.

President Dubya
“I’m the boss of everyone!”
Daddy says it’s so.

President Dubya
Will of the people? Oh no!
Brother Jeb helped me.

Facial features drift
when I give my grand speeches
out of sync with words.

Smiles unexpected
like a baby who has gas
Not far from the mark.

shoulda coulda woulda found,
Oh Well, We’re There

Free Coalition
a contradiction in terms.
So? We’re Number One!

the best soporific
puts voters to sleep.

Liberals are bad!
Ann Coulter says so. And she’s
a chupacabra !

Work to do. Must go.
Really don’t want to piss off
Chancellor Cheney!