Richie-Rich Issa
whose Party helped rape the state
now wants to run it.

Issa shameless whore
Issa vampire who feeds on wounded
Issa bad bad man.

Let’s Deregulate
public utils! Makes sense for
big oil in Texas.

And those are all
Republicans! Owed favors!
We straight white males RULE!

Let’s remove the head
of the body we have killed.
Where’d we put that pike?

Vote with the belly
Smile at promised pittances.
You get what’s deserved.

Think of the long term
Spoilers can’t offer value
Just teach you to fear.

Rape the land! Our right!
God said so, in Paradise!
Adam’s guilt was greed.

Democrats spineless.
Won’t stand up for themselves.
Ann Coulter sucks goats!

A non-sequitur?
Perhaps, but evil intrudes
anywhere she will.

What should we all fear?
Repubs will give you a gun
and hand you pitchforks.

And who is to blame?
Repubs tell you, with aplomb!
It’s what they’re good at.

Smell the grand set-up?
Davis needs to grow a pair.
Expose charlatans.

Think! Vote with your head
Select those who would create.
Not demolishers.