In my mind and in my car

The Future certainly is an exciting concept, though often it’s just plain scary. Usually it’s scary when the Now sucks ass and I’m filled with worry about money and job and that kind of stuff, when even Tomorrow feels tenuous and the Future stretches out as nothing but a big fat stack of the same kind of bleak Tomorrows.

Even though the money/job situation hasn’t changed much for me in a while (read: still sucks ass), I’m finding some leftover bandwidth to remember that Today has a way of changing like the wind. Fortunes shift, big and small, and Tomorrow suddenly looks a whole lot better. That big fat stack of Tomorrows is still an extrapolation of Todays, but it’s a whole lot happier a prospect.

The ability and the wherewithal to even consider the Future, a good or bad one, is a luxury that many do not have, that many no longer have. Remembering this is usually the point where I stop beating myself up with worry and start kicking myself in the ass for being so dire in the first place.

Yesterday was a big-happy day for me. Hanging out with my friends, chilling after a full day of hard living with Dominic and Rich the day before, enjoying the company, the pool, the amazing weather here. Dinner at S & J’s house in the woods last night. All just good, amazing, investing fun.