Neither Pastoral nor Lyrical

Irony and Satire have no place with the bears, it seems. I speak, of course, about the large, lumbering creature that is all of Beardom and not any one person, necessarily.

Irony appears only in the vast arrays of creature comforts lugged here from far and away in order to lend a Hollywood tone to the bucolic; think of it as a sort of Epcot pavilion for the great outdoors. But even then it’s as the object of irony and not observer of such. And co-opting is not the same thing as satirical commentary.

Nothing is ineffable, and the only nuance or complexity you’ll find is in the scattered and skulking and sketchy definitions of coupledom.

It’s all one note, folks; the big social monolith that is the Bears opens its mouth and sings, “Woof!”