Andrew Sullivan, in his “I’m Camille Paglia, but without the testicles” style, wrote weakly and incorrectly about the bears.

My friend Matty & my friend Aaron got their picture on gay.com in an article about bears.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Lazybear 2003.

It’s a very beary Tuesday!

“Woof, Grrrr,” go the bears.
Personal space not allowed!
Grope, Sniff, Paw, Grab, Grope.

Body Politics!
Don’t need no stinkin’ muscles.
Castro Clones passé.

We don’t look like them.
You don’t have to look like them.
Instead, look like us!

Facial hair aspired.
Gym memberships not required.
Flannel is desired.

Deodorants, no!
Natural is the way to go!
Don’t shave it off, yo.

Say no to nair, Bear.
No razors below the neck,
and sparely above.

“You know, God’s a bear,”
overheard at the Lone Star.
Can’t make this stuff up.

Bears are quite jolly.
Bears are very welcoming.
Good thing I’m hairy.

Others could learn a
thing or two from the bear camp.
They’re a lovely bunch.

The bears could also
learn some things from the others:
Smooth is not a sin.

Healthy can be good.
Morbid obesity bad.
All should be welcome.

Hug a bear today!
Read some from the Book of Woof.
Just be yourself, Grrrr.