Blogs and OS X

I have been doing some investigating into blogging backends, and have spent a lot of time talking to GeekSlut about things (he’s quite the insightful—and inciteful :)—smarty), I decided to just jump in with some stuff in the development of a Mac OS X blogging client.

I’ve gotten MT installed locally on my iBook—imagine an eensy, glossy-white laptop that just happens to have perl, apache and mysql available—and I just today figured out how to talk to MoveableType from Objective-C.

I know this is waaaay nerdy for most of you, but here’s the gist of it: all you Mac folks out there who are blogging, especially the ones who have tried something like iBlog and “get” the Macintosh-y goodness of it, and especially the ones who are already using MoveableType on the server side of things, PLEASE EMAIL ME!

I would like to know what kinds of things you like and don’t like about your current blogging pattern.

Keep in mind that this will be ONLY for Mac OS X, for Jaguar and later. No Windows thing planned, no OS 9 support. In fact, likely by the time this gets done, it will be Panther only.

Ostensibly I can generate mailing lists on my email host, and may end up doing that, but I’d SERIOUSLY love to get feedback (and eventual beta-testers, but that is quite a while in the future).

Mac bloggers unite!