Sweet Anodyne Bliss!

O Joyous Color!
O Analeptic Light!

I come to you, humbled.
My Subfusc Soul
Dithered, withered. Whither?

Your firmament dun
but heavens chromatical.

Sweet Succor speaks to my thirst.
Beautiful fonts align to my needs.

Calumniating masses blather
Besmirching idiots living in ignorance
95% dun.

I fear I sully your grand displays
and remake them in my own blogful image.

Fantasizing reality with you, beyond me.
Your importunity is a blessing to all, save my wallet.

Save my wallet!

Images of loved ones, dear ones ,
friends and friends and friends
Must be seen on cubit-sized LCDs

Oops, did i close those windows afterwards?

Apple Store!
O Hoary Bane!
O Lenitive Light!

Lead me into Thy Graces.
Take my money, Please.