Ayn Rant

I just got an email from someone who liked my Sullivan entry, but found my references to Objectivism “interesting”.

He also sent me a link to a 1964 interview with Ayn Rand.

Mind you, when I wrote the last entry, I had only a cursory knowledge of—and distaste for—Objectivism. It always struck me as something mean-spirited and lonely.

Turns out, unfortunately, I was far more correct that I ever wanted to be.

She was one cold bitch, so much so that perhaps death provided a warming trend.

Her responses are full of inconsistencies, conveniently nebulous edges and outright contradictions.

I feel sorry for her; I wouldn’t have wanted to be inside that head. She is a classic case of someone who has lost the knack for being a Generalist. She took that to an extreme, believing that the so-called internal consistency of the framework of Objectivism somehow proved its correctness.

The effective radius of her voice just makes all that kinda sorta evil.

Just my Rational Opinion. Can I go to Objectivist Nirvana now?