America: Love It by Hating

There has been a lot of talk about people wanting to leave the country now that George Bush finished the clean-out he started four years ago.

The talk is wrong. Fundamentally wrong. No one I know is talking about wanting to leave the country so much as fleeing the country. There’s a huge difference there. No one wants to leave their home. But many of us have seriously considered the notion that we might have to leave before things get so bad for us that we won’t be allowed to leave, that we won’t be allowed to do very much at all without getting a permission slip from a government official first.

It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It sounds like an over-reaction.

But pay attention to what the state-religious are saying these days. Pay close attention.

Now, it is said that you can tell a lot about a people by the way they treat their dead. I might add a corollary to that: you can tell a lot about the victorious by how they view the defeated.

The Dog’s Knot (you know who they are) are balls-deep in self-aggrandizement, ready to eject 48% of the entire populace of this country just so their own internal emotional freakshows can be reflected in society. Joining them are a band of little Calvinist boys masquerading as little Catholic “pro-life” (except for the lives of “whining” liberals, women who kill their innocent unborn “babies”, Iraqi civilian women and children, and those sentenced to death by the penal system) boys. Now, imagine a few thirteen-year-old males who take it upon themselves to understand the pressures of adult life, not only of male adults, but females of breeding age as well.

I’ve done some soul-searching (so to speak, you Theists) on what my reaction would be if Kerry had won. I wonder what the reactions of most of my friends would be if Kerry had won. The one thing that keeps coming back to mind is simply this: RELIEF. Relief that the isolationist, theocratic, narrow, regressive trends of a massive country with a staggering capability for destruction would begin to restore the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And what’s the reaction from the Dog’s Knot and the young Calvinists? Ugly gloating and decidedly non-Christian imprecation. “Fellow” Americans are only the 51% of the voting populace who finally gave Bush a Presidential win. More guns, less charity. Enforced Normalcy and desultory cultural cleansing. “America. Love it or Leave it. And You Don’t Get to Decide What Forms Love Takes.”

I wrote a while back about ‘brinkmanship’. It’s here, folks. And maybe, sadly, the only way to get away from the brink is to go over it.

We progressives may be “moonbats”, but we’re not lemmings.

I think I’m coming to understand the Republicans’ love of guns: it’s about to be Hunting Season.