Bend Over, America

The US debt ceiling has been raised another $800 BILLION.

See, if the Republicans were in power, they’d never let those crazy Democrats spend like—oh, wait…

Anyhoo, the new borrowing cap will be $8.18 TRILLION.

Let’s do some math here. $8.18T - $800B = $7.38T. We as a country are approaching a $7.4 TRILLION dollar deficit.

And President Bush wants to give tax cuts to the very rich. Sorry…tax relief.

Let’s do some more math. This time it’s a word problem:

Mr. & Mrs. Podunk Poorfolk pay taxes. Mr. & Mrs. GeorgeDick BushCheneyRichmotherfucker pay taxes. Mr. & Mr. Adam N. Steve live next door to Podunk and his Poorfolk brood. Our President and Congress are spending us all into a debt from which we will not recover from in a time considered short by mammals. If the BushCheneyRichmotherfucker’s are paying less taxes, and the debt must still be spent down…

  1. the Podunks will have to pay more
  2. the Republicans can’t do math
  3. Who cares? We got faggots livin’ next door!
  4. All of the above.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Poorfolk and the last stragglers of what’s left of the American Middle Class who voted Republican this time around: when a Democrat or other Progressive President finally comes to the Whitehouse to clean up this unconscionable mess that the current batch of folks you voted into office have made, remember that it was your own fault.

Flaming faggot and liberal that I have been called, I won’t even point at you and laugh at your destitution when that day arrives, even though your bankrupt finances will finally match your bankrupt ethics. I’ll probably try to find ways to help you, to save our society, even from your own short-sighted, dogmatic insanity.