Lying Pieces of Filth

It starts with a choice. It starts with choosing to be entertained at the expense of being informed. It starts with appealing to the basest nature, because you’re too lazy to create something, too frightened to act individually outside a crowd of the like-minded, too insecure to hold and defend an opinion that is your own.

It ends with lies.

Stolen identities; misrepresentation of others; shouting untruths long enough and loud enough to drown out other voices; hypocrisy; fraud; editorial abuse.

It all becomes a jumble, it seems. Honesty and truth—and, dare I offer, fact—are jokes, laughable anachronisms or elitist liberal heart-bleeding.

Gordon, one of the Dog’s Knot Boys, won’t address me directly, in email or otherwise, but he happily emails my boyfriend just to claim what a scum I am for ‘stirring the pot’ and making trouble for him. You’d think that lying was enough for Gordon, but no, he guns for hypocrisy and props to him for making that work. Where I was attempting to get this ‘nunya’ commenter to email me so that I was sure he wasn’t just some random fuck posing as someone else—y’know, like Geoff and Gordon would do, where I was doing nothing but asking someone to own up to his own statements. Gordon tries like the dickens to make it appear like I was “bitchslapping” this person. Uhh, no Gordon.

On another website, when I stated to someone that since they weren’t gay or weren’t male (or either) they really didn’t have solid ground on which to stand in judgment of my relationship, I get this:

Go ahead and call your lifetime fundamental relationship with another man anything you like. Martha wasn’t JUDGING YOU, nor am I. She was merely INFORMING you that a “sexual” intimacy between two men (or two women) is immoral, and that it ISN’T really marriage. If the shoe fits…. That’s not a personal judgment of you, merely an observation about a specific behavior. There IS a difference, whether you see it or not.

(The reason I put “sexual” in quote marks is that sex isn’t just use (or abuse) of one’s sexual organs. Sex, properly speaking, involves a man and a woman conjoining their respective and complementary sexual organs. But between two men…or two women…well, what can I say? Something just isn’t quite…right. Something seems to be…missing. I expect you’ll disagree vehemently. That’s your right. Scream all you like. But it doesn’t change anything.)

Whew! I’m glad I wasn’t being judged or anything, Green Flash. Perhaps instead I should thank you (and Martha! Hi Martha!) for conveying a Sublime Truth to me that I failed to divine.

What comes of a world where self-responsibility is considered weakness and toeing the christian-company-line is ‘strength’? What comes of a place where informing someone of fraud is called ‘whining’?

I’m sure that Sam will end up getting email from Gordon, because he’ll never contact me directly….no audience, no reason to speak, right? I’m sure that he’ll photoshop some pictures again, call me any number of names. Hell, you might even end up seeing some of the obtuse apers of the Dog’s Knot Mob clogging up the comments sections here, but hell, it was only a matter of time anyway.

Am I goading them? Yeah. Does it matter? No, because people like that find a way to stage a nutty in the presence or absence of reason.

Absence of Reason. Yeah, that has a ring to it.

These people are so close to the dangerous cliff, playing tug of war with the rest of us.

I swear to god[dess] I’m ready to just let go of the rope just to see if they scream as they fall.