Bed Bath Beyond

We never made it to the second floor and still spent over $800. It would have been $900 if we didn’t have a coupon.

Sam gasped at the checkout when the total appeared, but I leaned over to him and said, “These are heritage purchases.” Which is supposed to mean something you keep for a thousand years, like a good old well-seasoned cast-iron skillet that you pass on to someone else. I just take it to mean, “how I make myself feel better about a $200 food processor”.

Seriously, it feels good to buy stuff together that’s meant to last a long time. Awwwwww.

I’ve never bought my own pots and pans—inherited those from Allen. Never bought my own flatware—gift from Mom and Dad one year. I’m a gadget geek in the kitchen, too, but Sam talked me out of one of those 500 HP KitchenAid standing mixers.

Next time, for sure.