ecto, MT and iTunes

So, I hate authoring any lengthy content in a webpage. Way back when, that was one of the big reasons not to use MT.

I’m a big fan of “rich client” applications instead. Think iTunes Music Store. Think Ofoto Express for Mac. 🙂

In comes ecto. This the follow-on to kung-log, and it basically gives you your beautiful, handy Macintosh UI while composing entries that get posted to your MT site. No fussing with webpages and editing fields that are too small to use. No big chance of losing your posting just cuz you hit the back button or accidentally closed the wrong Safari window.

So go check it out if you’re a Mac person and you use MT.

Oh, and it’s got a “now playing in iTunes” button in the UI:

Piggy from the album “The Downward Spiral” by Nine Inch Nails