Movable Type, Anyone?

This blog has always been composed and published from the iBlog app for Mac OS X.

I originally chose it 17 (seventeen!!!) months ago because it was a rich-client application, because i absolutely hate creating content in a webpage. Now that ecto is at least as easy to use as iBlog, with all the added benefits of a) movable type’s maturity and b) being usable from any Mac, not from just the original installation of, I’m sold.

Thanks to Pete for helping me decide on a new web host, I’m very happy with them so far! They have emacs and more from their shell. Woo-nerdy-hoo!

So sometime in the next few weeks I’m going to attempt to migrate the whole shebang to MT. Also look for a new website from yours truly (and, hopefully, a bunch of really really smart people I know). Sam’s blog will be migrating to dreamhost, too. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, with BBEdit, Transmit, CSSEdit and HyperEdit windows open across Jack-Jack’s 20” Cinema Display.

Palpable nerd-groove here.