Outing, First Salvo

It turns out that Dan Gurley, National RNC Field Director is gay.

Not only gay, but in an open relationship, and prefers to have sex with strangers without using condoms.

Dan Gurley lookin' for ass His own business, of course, but he helped elect people who want to teach abstinence as sex-education, who denounce sex outside of the marriage bed, and have told Middle America that homos are the biggest threat to their straight, narrow lifestyles.

What’s a President to do?

I, for one, think we should all write letters to Reverend Dobson asking him to remind President Bush of his campaign promises. Why? Because I’m tired of the liberals working so hard to keep pulling the Republicans back from the brink. They’re out on that dangerous ledge. They chose to be there. They want to be there. Let them be there! No, scratch that. Let’s just push them off the ledge.

Either force the current adminstration to finally go off that deep-end and alienate the rational people in their party, or force the Christian Fundies to start making grand apologias for being stiffed (so to speak) by W., lied to just to get votes.

Let’s all tangle the web they have woven. Fuck them all.

But DO NOT fuck Dan Gurley. Make that irresponsible barebacking fuckwit go without his anonymous sex until he recants and stops trying to elevate himself at our expense. Call it a Lysissystrata.

And DO say hello to Dan and thank him for his efforts on our behalf, helping to make us all good christian conservatives. He can be reached at: AOL and at gay.com. Apparently he’s quite efficient, multitasking and whatnot, all to be a power bottom to whoever wants to seed or be seeded.

Tell him the god of biscuits blessed his efforts.