Dark Matters

I had considered “going dark” today, just like so many sites are, in protest of the Bush Inaugural. There’s even a website with graphics stating why the website is dark—a paradox in and of itself—and I went so far as to change my index.html and had it displaying for all of 45 minutes late last night.

Why did I drop that and return the site to its usual content? To be honest, my heart wasn’t really in the blackout. It’s one of our Typicals, this protesting-if-it-doesn’t-cost-us-much. This time around, Bush was elected, apparently by a wide-enough margin that no one is really contesting the victory. True, it’s a victory based on lies, a victory based on a fraudulent election the first time around, a victory based almost single-handedly and single-mindedly on the Republicans’ fear-peddling and strict-father-model dogma, but it was a victory as the system of election and government describes one.

I’m sitting this one out. Sitting out the Inaugural, too. It just makes me plain sick that he’s still in office. Sick that so many Americans only care about revenge and nationalism instead of justice and patriotism. Sick that so many Americans don’t even know the difference between nationalism and patriotism.

I love my country because of its ideals—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—not for what it is these days. I have no interest in preserving this way of life, I have an interest in improving the ways of life of every person on this planet.

You think the christians out there—the ones who so virulently and vituperatively supported Bush and the Republicans—would want the same thing.

They don’t want you to be won over in your heart by Jesus; they just want to win.