Blue State

Sam’s off to visit his best friend, Vacabill, for the weekend; he’s been gone for about three hours and already I’m reverting to bachelor-nerd. I’d found my BroodWar CD so that I could again play Starcraft. I’ve never been much of a games player; I’ve been a games buyer, purchaser of tons of shelfware but the only game that ever really stuck for me was Starcraft.

Maybe it’s that I sit on front of a Mac all day long, doing development, keeping up with work email, personal email, blogging…you get the picture. I think I start out buying a game with good intentions, but I usually don’t even seem to get them installed, much less played.

I did have Sam pick me up iLife ‘05 and iWork today from the Apple Store. Definitely some cool stuff, especially iPhoto 5. This kind of software I use all the time.

Continuing with the bachelor portion of my comment, I’m going to a Blue Party with FTP, Madonnavan and a few others. Theme: blue. Dress: blue fuzzy boa, blue false eyelashes, blue paintsticks. I’ve only done drag the one timeā€”and trust, you don’t wanna see that mess. This is sort of merely drag-flavored. Blue jeans, blue shirt, blue vest, blue tennies. All of it male clothing. I’m just accessorizing drag. Yeah, that’s it.

If it’s not too scary, and you’re good little boys and girls (you know who you are), I may post some pictures.