Conversation at work today:

Me: ‚ÄúSsssssserioussssly‚ÄĚ.
D.: Thththththth….
Me: It’s not a lisp! Ssssssss!
D.: I can’t!
Me: Sure you can. Like a snake: hissssssss!
D.: A gay snake, maybe.
Me: That’s redundant. All snakes are gay. Look at the shape.
D.: So what do they do, adopt?
Me: Recruit.

Bitchiest Show Ever!

Tonight I randomly caught the show called Project Runway.

(that bitch)

Forget Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and even Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, this is the show that makes the Bravo Channel the gayest network EVER.

Watch a bunch of fashion designers try to work together, all the while bitching about the lack of leadership qualities in the designated-for-the-week leader. Cut to the fashion show segment. Watch the one woman be honest and complain about the leader’s lack of, well, leadership.

Watch the rest of those bitches leave her twisting in the wind by being spineless and saying nice things about the leader.

Truth: the complainer was spot-on. Truth: the leader wasn’t one. Truth: the palace intrigue of it all was faaaaabulous

Oh, and one of the guys on there, Jay, is from my home town of Dallas, PA.

You bet your ass I added a Season Pass to the TiVo for this one.