Believe for a moment in a set of laws of physics wherein repeating a thing brings it into material reality.

Believe for a moment that expanding individual freedoms can be imagined to be an “enshrinement of deviant proclivities”.

Believe for a moment that the absence of a thing makes a thing more believable and not less.

Believe for a moment that Believers don’t believe you when you nonetheless believe you’ve communicated effectively that you don’t believe in much of anything overarching.

Believers are a strange bunch. It’s been said that believers require the presence of non-believers; otherwise there’s no instance of belief.

I tend to believe that.

Once upon a blog, I wrote about how people have taken noble things and reduced them to baser vulgarities (meaning common, not obscene). Believers will always employ the noble term to describe actions which are quite vulgar (meaning common and obscene).

“No Child Left Behind”, “God’s Alone It Is to Judge”, “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin”. You’ll see it all over the place when Believers take to Politics.

When I was brought up, back in the day, we Catholics were guided to do good works instead of punish bad works, to be good people instead of to help legislate goodness. That this world and this life were temporary and that we should be, above all else, good people and not good believers. That we should persuade by good example of good works rather than coerce with law and with threats of damnation.

Sadly ironic, then, that this kind of talk—considered quite uptight and conservative at the time—now makes it seem as if I grew up in a commune with a bunch of hippies. That’s how far the needle has moved to the right.

Believers have once again discovered the concept of a mob. Watch the villagers chase and overtake the Frankenstein monster. Watch the street urchins devour the faggot. Watch the Catholics of today form an unholy alliance with the Protestants just to eradicate the homos from society. Watch the good Christians enjoy the bloodsport of a good war. Watch the pro-lifers worship the Golden Fetus as they cheer the deaths of innocent Modern-day Mesopotamians.

The internet-enabled mob is a formidable thing. “On-message” they call it these days, y’know, because “here’s who we hate today” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. The giant electronic echo chamber: one polemic plutocrat says a thing and the throngs of adrenaline-junkie control-freaks remake the world in that on-message message.

Tens of thousands of brains poked through into the political echo chamber. It’s dark in there, but at least it’s safe. It requires elaborate and exhausting bodily gymnastics, but at least it’s a well-known quantity. It’s distasteful work, consuming and excreting and consuming and excreting and consuming and excreting the same matter over and over again, but at least it’s better than hoping for joy and then ending up disappointed.

It’s pretty much having your head up your own ass, but Believers believe it’s for a good cause. Frankly, I find it scatological.

Today’s Right-Wing Believers have become base, vulgar, spiritless, faithless, joyless fetishists who aren’t quite human any more, who plot an ascendancy that has nothing to do with Heaven.

Money-changers get involved in politics for self-interests; Good Samaritans help other people because it’s what you do when you Believe in the Greater Good of us all.