Unwind or Unravel

Adjustments are never easy, especially the ones that overlap into areas you’ve based parts of your identity on. My danglies are run-on, and my run-on dangles. No matter.

I’ve come to a rather sobering realization (ironic, after the way this weekend has played out so far) that I can carry an awful lot of stress and worry—and even anger—on my shoulders, between the blades and sometimes, even in the soles of my feet.

After how the election played out (and got played), and after stooping to the bread-and-circuses fuckwits out there, I came to favor those reactions which would pull the world and the world of responsiblity to myself.

Bad idea.

Not one to make New Years’ Resolutions, I make one nonetheless. Let’s call it a coincidence of timing.

I’m better equipped to help, better equipped to be there for Sam, for my family, for myself, if I take a few steps back.

I’m not leaving the blog; on the contrary I expect to be here even more. More humor, more enjoyment. More according to my own nature instead of the soldier nature I seem to have acquired. They say that you become the worst in those you oppose.

Why oppose when you can cajole? Why have an enemy when you can just walk away instead?

Why not be creative instead of en garde?