Today’s serendipity is brought to you by a rainy San Francisco Winter afternoon and by a hot hunky Red Bull of a blogger’s other blog.

Sam curled his puppydog body up on the sofa, his head resting on my lap, as I flipped through stations and landed on HBO Signature, to watch St. Elmo’s Fire. Thankfully I didn’t have to defend the film to Sam as it went on, because I was conflicted, to be honest. It’s a horrible movie. Just dreadful. Mare Winningham is a fine actress. Ally Sheedy eventually became a fine actress. Rob Lowe, well, I think he’s a fine actor, but it’s easy to not care about acting or anything else when you look at the face of an angel.

Mostly it was an exercise in historical place-where, a nostalgic dative case: it was the first movie that I identified with my own adulthood. I was a year behind the Brat Pack, as it turns out. I didn’t realize that at the time, but the wonders of IMDB and a significantly distal point of view allow me to see it now.

So much maudlin message in so shallow a pool of talent. It’s enough to make you weep a little.

And be glad you’ve survived your own youth.


So a few weeks ago Sam and I stopped at the Potrero Safeway to get, I don’t know, milk and avocados and emery boards, and on a lark, I ran into the Radio Shack next door figuring I’d spend $50 on an HDTV antenna because it seemed a rather cheap way to try to get a few HD signals into the house.

Of course, as we walked in the door, I remembered that one needs an HD tuner and not just an antenna. So the antenna sat in its box until a couple of weeks ago, when I ordered—also on a lark—the eyeTV 500. I did this because a) we already had the necessary TV & Dual G5 PowerMac and b) after July of this year, you won’t be able to buy ATSC-to-FireWire converter without draconian “copy protection” hardware in it.

RigI also did all this because months ago, my constant tinkering with our DirectTiVo ended up in a working box that could “dial out” over a network, could be programmed via webpage and was expanded in capacity and speed—except that we could no longer get local channels.

And it’s Oscar night!!!!

So I got the antenna, the eyeTV 500 and the PowerMac G5 set up next to our TV, and now we’re watching the Gay Super Bowl in glorious, glorious HD.

Beyoncé looks even more impossibly beautiful, Robin Williams more cuddly and grizzly, and Annette Benning substantially more elegant as she continues to both glow and resist plastic surgery (you GO, girl!).

I think this HD thing is actually going to catch on! Next up, we’re going to try out the TiVo-like features of the eyeTV 500 and its accompanying software.