Waxing Moon

When I’m feeling miserable, especially emotionally, I tend to become circumspect. And abstract. (noticed that, have ya?)

This week, up until Thursday around noon, was the most miserable for me in a very long time, perhaps ever. Then, even though the fog of mind had yet to lift, my spirits did. Intellectually, from the long set of talks I had with incredibly smart and creative people, and emotionally, from the long, slow talk with TOH yesterday, followed by getting home and getting there (hi Jason!), followed by a night out with some friends whose company I don’t seem to value enough.

I’m a tired dog today—we didn’t get to sleep til almost six this morning. But I feel so much better than I have in quite some time.

So to all of you who lobbed emails to me offering support, an ear, a shoulder or other body parts, I thank you so very much.