We ♥ the Big 

Gbnyc2Knowing that this is going on, Sam and I are hoping to get our asses back to NYC to visit our most beloved friends, especially Jennie, Michael, Crash and Walt, my former next door neighbors Bill & Edgar, and a whole bunch of others.

And linking of Homer, by the way, and thinking of late about Richard, I have to say that I miss being in Tucson every now and again. Last time for me was when we moved Sam here back in June. Homer had posted a picture of the Catalina Mountains and it made me nostalgic for the area’s particular majesty. Maybe we’ll make it back to AZ before my brother and his betrothed move back East from Phoenix.

We’re also talking about going to LA for a party, and several other travel destinations. But hell, if my professional situation changes in ways I’m hoping for, I think most of our plans are kaput.

Oh, well. Here’s to hoping. Maybe Crash, et al will keep a couple of seats warm for us at GB:NY2 just in case?

Update: for those non-Safari folks, here’s what this entry is supposed to look like