The Simple Joys of Maidenhood

Even at 5pm, the sun still flags high in the sky and I fear that the top of my big round head will be burnt even in the few minutes I have before my ride home shows up. The fountain splashes behind me, the comforting (yes, comforting) faint chlorine smell barks out Summer! in a way no sound or spectacle ever could. A Cupertino afternoon is different than a City afternoon.: when it’s warm in the City during the day, by now the fog winds have decimated the temperature as the fog itself begins to finger-climb its way over Twin Peaks.

Maybe I’ll ask Frank to put the top down for the drive home.

Sam got a job today and I’m so very happy for him. The whole situation smacks of the legend and lore that San Francisco is so good at: well-peopled with odd circumstances, oddly-peopled with glorious circumstances. In short, the kinds of whacky wonderful things that the square-states never get to see, the kind that perhaps the literalist-absolutists of the world can’t possibly appreciate. He’s nervous about it all, because that’s just him, but I know he’ll do well.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that he showed up, interviewed and was offered the job in 90 minutes’ time? Not surprised, of course, but damn happy.

Sometimes I do have use for the sunshine.

Oddball Rodents and Intelligent Design

Rodent184 Yeah, I’m still on this kick. Only the oddball rodents aren’t the ID-ers themselves but rather a new species entirely of mammal that was just discovered.

The good people of Laos call them kha-nyou (pronounced “ga-nyou”) and were discovered at market by scientists visiting Laos. After much deliberation and experimentation—all evidence gathering, something the IDer’s refuse to do—they concluded:

Scientists found that differences in the skull and bone structure and in the animal’s DNA revealed it to be a member of a distinct family that diverged from others of the rodent order millions of years ago. “To find something so distinct in this day and age is just extraordinary,” said Dr. Robert J. Timmins of the Wildlife Conservation Society, one of the discoverers. “For all we know, this could be the last remaining mammal family left to be discovered.”

I wouldn’t personally go that far, but I’m also never been that kind of scientist. Still, it’s totally fascinating that something so new was discovered in such a common place. A marketplace! One of man’s most ancient cultural creations. There’s something about this discovery that situates humanity in very satisfying ways.

I wonder if this means that the IDers will shrug at such wonderment, denying wonderment, and blame just credit god the Supreme Designer with a well-placed lie.