Science != Science



Fundie Bastards.

In what should have been clear all along, there was never any real push for Intelligent Design to be considered a supportable alternative to Darwinian evolutionary theory. No, what the Crazy Christian Right wanted all along was to muddy the waters of rationality and sanity just enough so that their murky voodoo would be seen as “at least as clear” as true science.

Now that they’ve almost managed to do that in Kansas, now they’re trying to redefine what Science actually is.

No longer will Science be “limited to natural explanations” of the world around us, but will instead call it “a systematic method of continuing investigation”, but won’t/can’t provide what kinds of answers they’re looking for.

None of these people have any real idea of how painstaking it is to perform experimental science. None of these people realize that their definition completely and utterly guts the notions of objective evidence, mutable theory, control factors or even peer review. Without those things, what do you get?

Well, you get a bunch of irrational nonsense that ends up being on par with work that actually sticks to scientific method and all its rigor.</p.

You get Kansas.

You get stupidity, and clearly those people who are so irresponsible as to blather without evidence and righteously proclaim Proof without Truth will have the leg up because the rest of us responsible ones, the rest of us critical ones, the rest of us thinkers will be relegated to attempting to debunk the vomitus spewed by the Fundies.

Oh, wait. Sounds familiar…