Finally, a Great Tomato!

The Pup and I went and did some very much needed grocery shopping today. It’s funny—in a not at all funny kind of funny way—that one can fill a grocery cart and spend over $300 doing so.

We saved the produce section for last this time, because we always end up grabbing too much stuff there first, then get it home and a good portion of it rots before we have a chance to eat it.

One of the last thing I spied with my blue eyes was a pile of beautifully orangey-red, clearly naturally ripened tomatoes. I nearly wept. Haven’t seen them for so long out here. I blame our ghetto-ass Safeway (today we went to the Big Gay Safeway on Market St for a change).

I’m sitting here eating a tomato sandwich: white bread, Hellman’s (well, Best Foods here in the West) mayonnaise, thick slices of tomato, and lots of salt and pepper.

Mmmmm…perfect. Ghetto-ass meatless sammich, but hey, I’m just a big Polack from Pennsylvania and I loves me my carbs.

Tomato sammich, gorgeous day in San Francisco, good times with my Fred (the plumber and my Donovan and the boy last night, and more good times later today with them and with others. Amazing weekend. Blame the tomatoes.