The Simple Joys of Maidenhood

Even at 5pm, the sun still flags high in the sky and I fear that the top of my big round head will be burnt even in the few minutes I have before my ride home shows up. The fountain splashes behind me, the comforting (yes, comforting) faint chlorine smell barks out Summer! in a way no sound or spectacle ever could. A Cupertino afternoon is different than a City afternoon.: when it’s warm in the City during the day, by now the fog winds have decimated the temperature as the fog itself begins to finger-climb its way over Twin Peaks.

Maybe I’ll ask Frank to put the top down for the drive home.

Sam got a job today and I’m so very happy for him. The whole situation smacks of the legend and lore that San Francisco is so good at: well-peopled with odd circumstances, oddly-peopled with glorious circumstances. In short, the kinds of whacky wonderful things that the square-states never get to see, the kind that perhaps the literalist-absolutists of the world can’t possibly appreciate. He’s nervous about it all, because that’s just him, but I know he’ll do well.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that he showed up, interviewed and was offered the job in 90 minutes’ time? Not surprised, of course, but damn happy.

Sometimes I do have use for the sunshine.