A Rove By Any Other Name

I love Gary Trudeau. He’s one of those guys who knows that “nice” is different than “good”, that polite doesn’t begin to make up for material transgressions, and that the stink of hate cannot be covered by a perfume of politesse.

Apparently a bunch of newspapers pulled Doonesbury because one of Trudeau’s character’s said that Karl Rove’s nickname was “Turd Blossom”.

If Trudeau were a self-described Christian and 99 44/100% god-ridden and he’d aimed his intellect at us Evil Liberals, the conservatives would be praising him for using “words of strength” and “calling a spade a spade”.

Christians will tell you they don’t hate you, they won’t call you a “Turd Blossom”, but off they’ll go, trying to hurt anyone who thinks or feels or believes different to what they tell you is god’s honest truth.

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