Fuck Texas

I’ve known for about fifteen years now—ever since I’d met Allen, who then worked for the Midland (TX) Reporter-Telegram—that Texas was ass-full of backward-ass homophobic, racist, gun-toting fuckheads.

And after today’s election results, I have quantitative evidence to support that assertion, for about 70% of them.

Dear Lone Star State: you suck.

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A Propped Up Guv

The huge corporations Republicans One-Terminator has pushed for this expensive special election, putting any number of propositions on the ballot to further entrench big businesses, take away money from schools and actually attempt to create activist judges in state politics.

Isn’t it strange that he spends so much time and money putting things in front of the people to know what they are thinking, but vetoes without a second thought, the legislature-approved same-sex marriage bill based on five year old data? Why didn’t he put it on the ballot this year, during the special election, so he—a true man of the American people—could find out what the people thought?

He figures that most liberals will not bother voting, but I saw in the paper this morning that voter turnout is expected to be nearly 7 million. I’m going to be sure to get out and vote down some of these heinous things. I love how the Republicans accuse the liberals of social engineering, then crap out things like Prop 73. Stupid, duplicitous assholes.

So get your ass out and vote! Don’t let them win because decent people did nothing to stop them.

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