Anal Leakage

No, this isn’t an update on the Biscuit God’s health, although that’s proceeding, well, not as quickly as I’d like, but what are you going to do but keep on keepin’ on?

Apparently, Our Leaker in Chief gave Cheney the OK to let Scooter Libby leak classified information on Iraq to rebut Wilson’ Op-Ed piece that there was no evidence Iraq was seeking Uraniam.

We all know how that all turned out. The White House had to change horses midstream and say it wasn’t WMDs we were looking for, it was that we needed to unseat an enemy of civil rights and of its own people. I mean, at this point, the whole she-bang (we’re not allowed to call it ‘war’ anymore) has been rechristened (har har) Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The most interesting part is yet to come. Attacks will be made by the rightwingnuts on Scooter Libby. Attacks will most certainly be made on the Liberals. On the “MSM” (that’s main stream media, for you folks who don’t keep up on the RNC’s TLAs). (Interesting side note: if the media is mainstream and the media is lousy with Liberals, then the conclusion might be that the mainstream is liberal. Not so! The neocon nutters say that they are the “real” America, and that it’s the Liberals who are out of touch).

I have yet to venture to the invariate iscariots of “freedom” to see what the main thrust will be. I’d love to be surprised that it’s none of the above and they’re all just going a little “hmmmmmm” about Bush’s motives and just start to question their own executive.

Of course, the Christians believe they’re a war on THEM, too. The Legistative, Judicial and Executive Branches of the most powerful nation known to man, and 80% of the populace claiming a belief in the Jesus figure as an incarnation of a Diety, and they want you to believe they’re the underdogs.

The Invisible Pink Unicorns that actually did spin the web of the universe and control all actions and movements with invisible blue jewel-encrusted levers have told me even they didn’t see that one coming.

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