Beginnings Are Delicate Times

Everything is continuous. Funny thing to say, you might say, from a man whose life has been derailed by a MUNI rail and a Vespa on a day with the Perfect Light Rain Storm.

There’s really nothing funny about much these days; but it does continue. Else, who would be here bitching about what sucks?

If a Life is a continuity, then there are no beginnings and no endings as life continues. No, they’re only in the interpreting. And ending is a beginning, and vice versa. It just depends on what the Event means, which direction the slow gradient points and where the cliff is.

Getting a new job, for example, is an Event that defines a beginning, but it also is the start of the relatively slower taper in the old job as it winds down. Some people make friends in an Instant (Event) and the discovery over time that the instant decision may have been mistaken and the friendship fades and dwindles in yet another slow taper.

In relationships, just as often an Event starts one as it precipitates the end of one. Sometimes both and neither at the same time. Continuity has its own physics just as infinity (∞) has its own math.

When the threads of the Past are refracted through the lens of Now the multifaceted prism of the Future paints a picture on the wall. It’s a confusing and liquid picture, and the confusing psychedelia urges you not to make any missteps.

Those of you who know what it means when my prose goes this turgid and this circumspect have already figured out what prompts me to write such as this.

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