…the witch on Passions had her doll, Timmy, hold the wheel of the car so she could get a butterfly net to trap an angel.

I said this to James as a non sequitur and got a “WTF?”

They should really just rename Passions to WTF, because you can say “WTF” about just about every aspect of the show. The acting, the writing, the story writing, the plots, the plot devices, all of it.

And yet, there’s Eric Martsolf, as Ethan, who more than makes up for all of that. But even without him (pearl clutch!), all the badness of the show adds up to something you can’t stop watching. Well, I can’t.

The SciFi Channel is airing the show from the beginning, so lately I’ve been getting week-daily double doses of it, spaced 7 years apart. It’s fun trying to work my way backward from the present and forward from about 1999 to fill in the gaps. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be surprised.

Even if I’m not surprised, I can count on Eric Martsolf to remain gorgeous and for each and every episode to have shirtless hotties in it.

And really, that’s plenty, isn’t it?

Bonus questions for you entertainment nerds: Juliet Mills plays the witch, Tabitha. This was a nice little bit of casting based on a previous TV gig of hers. What was that show, and why is the casting apropos?

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