Other Places Only Make Me Love You Best

The chain of pain continues—and ends at a meeting of the weirdnesses.

First, you may recall, I invoked the dark side of pop music with references to an O’Sullivan and a Jacks. Then, BdbdbdbdbdbdBuck brings in a melancholic ONJ reference. Then Mr. Johnny Trinity invokes Ms. Manilow.

And yesterday was the 100th Anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake.

10692.Jpg-1Which got me thinking about the City’s history, which got paired with Barry [Wo]manilow (as we used to call him) and I remembered the movie Foul Play, which was set in San Francisco in 1978 or so, and whose main theme song is my second-favorite Barry Manilow song, “Ready to Take a Chance Again”, which is an entirely apropos sentiment for me these days.

And? It just happened to be on comcast cable’s “On Demand” section, so I watched it immediately last night.

You know, I love this town. As if I didn’t already have the best parents in the world, not to mention the embarrassment of riches in all those who’ve been there for me through the years, San Francisco is something of the Mother of All of Us who know this is the only place to live.

Oh, and for the record? I’m a Jeanette, definitely not a Tony. I may be sentimental from time to time, but I’m not a sentimentalist.

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