The Gays #002

Old school TheGays go for the Judy Garland. More recent TheGays go for Babs or Bette. Current TheGays go for Madonna and Britney and Christina.

I’m more on the actor side of the diva equation than the songstress side. I prefer male voices and male songwriters in general.

But on the actor side of things, I go gay gangbusters. Put Sandra Bullock in a movie, or Catherine Zeta Jones in one, and I’m all hers. Good Lord! To say nothing of Julia Roberts, the Diva-inest Actress of ‘em all.

Have you ever seen America’s Sweethearts or My Best Friend’s Wedding? I think I’ve gotten around to seeing all but one or two of Julia Roberts’ movies, and today Netflix delivered The Mexican, a one-two-THREE punch of a movie with Julia and gay themes and Brad Pitt.

Favorite action: death from a bullet that falls from the sky from others firing off guns into the air.

Favorite line [about relationship issues]: Are you blameshifting???

Right now, though, I’m tearing through Footballers’ Wives. Hottie men showing full frontal nudity, and bitches bitchier than almost any bitches on American telly.

I’m in a Mood.

Also sprach der Gott der Pl├Ątzchen.

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