The Dizzying Gyroscope

This is a time for maudlin songs and lyrics so sappy they make your teeth hurt. This is a time for motion and a time for standing still.

With no motion-towards and no motion-away, motion finds its way in spin.

Y’know, like a top. -giggle-

Or maybe a gyroscope. Spin it does, but that’s what keeps it standing upright. Not only does the spin keep it upright, it also resists being tipped over. It’s the same phenomenon that makes riding a bicycle so stable, once you get going.

Anyhow, that’s how I feel right now. I’m standing. With no particular direction and no particular fix on any one point on the horizon. And maybe that’s good for now.

Friends offer to prop me up, but I like it when they help keep the angular momentum going instead. Keeps me spinning. Keeps me smiling. Keeps me OK.

I love my friends. I love the new people in my life who offer kindnesses with no expectations. I still love Sam and he loves me.

I’m still alive, and things will get better. And they’ll take off in one direction or another (though I’m starting to develop certain preferences for exactly where, when, how and especially WHO will head in that direction with me).

Paths are instructive. Making new paths is life.

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