The Liberally Cowardly Media

One of the Conservatives’ favorite bromides is yapping about the “Liberal Media”. You must understand that this is only an effective rallying cry because of the a priori repetition of variations on the notion that Liberal is not only bad, but is instead identical to Evil. Yes, that Evil. The Pure One. The Absolute One. Even uttering “liberal” without godblessing yourself is cause to fear for your soul.

So when someone like Stephen Colbert not only calls the Emerperor naked to his face but also takes his spineless courtiers to task for not even bothering to investigate the possibility that there’s a nudity coverup, what’s a True Believer to do?

I don’t know…I still support the right to choose whatever worldview salves one’s own fear of one’s own mortality. But for the rest of us? I say, pop some popcorn, sit back and watch the circus.

And for those of you less heartless than that, less into that kind of godenfreude, just be sure to keep your hands at a safe distance from so many gyrations and so many grinding gears as you reach out to these people.

It used to be if you didn’t like the message, you shot the messenger. These days, it’s not easy enough again yet to get away with murder, so you satisfy yourself by discrediting the messenger, and then in turn, the message.

But if the message is loud and clear and uttered with candor and directness to the point that it nags at your very Faith, how to avoid the crisis? By focusing on the idea of general appropriateness and trying to fabricate the notion of good will that you just spent the last 20 years sucking dry.

So the biggest argument out there turns into “it was supposed to be a fun and safe evening! and Colbert was out of line!”.

If that was true, wouldn’t W and Laura be even more at fault for giving Colbert such an icy reception after his bit was done? Politesse is such tricky business.

What I like best about the Colbert performance is that he finally exposes the media, not by stating so, but by forcing a reaction that aligns the crazy-ass Rightwingers with the media on the very same side.

What did the NY Times write about Correspondents’ Dinner? They wrote about a faux ventriloquist act with a “Bush Dummy”, acknowledging neither the irony nor the redundancy in that phrase.

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