Truth Will Out

Riddle me this: what do a churlish, racist, self-involved recent transplant to San Francisco and a collective intelligence from the Great White North have in common?

I call it the fight and flight. Or hit and run. Or a “you suck” followed by fingers in ears with a “LALALALALAIamNotListening!”

What do you call someone whom you ask, “may I use your email in a public forum?” who answers “no you may not” when he’s already used your own email content in his own public forum?

What do you call someone who calls homeless people “put together with dirt and grime” but claims he has no hostility towards them? Or who bitches about the Cantonese women on buses too crowded together who he’s sure will “give him SARS”?

What do you call someone who says “I love it when people send in nasty comments, but are too chicken to post their email for a reply” and then posts comments to your own blog with a false email address hurling all kinds of ad hominem insults at you?

What do you call someone who deletes all your comments, then uses out-of-context pull-quotes from them in subsequent blog entries?

What do you call someone who has said he’s been an EMT, a European Rugby Player, a policeman, a grad student, almost got on Flight 93, is Canadian but was born in Hawaii because in the few moments of a layover he was born on that American soil and so has dual citizenship, has a father who not only won consecutive Gold medals in the 200m in 1968 and 1972 but also set an Olympic time record in the process, who lives in San Francisco, who chronicles his own life and exploits all over the world, but when it comes to posting new pictures of himself, claims “I don’t want people stealing my identity”?

What do you call it when people who claim to be blunt and candid and no-nonsense, and who pride themselves on being immune to bullshit by going right to the source, turn around and believe some hearsay overheard at a bar thousands of miles away, reported by people they never met in person, without first challenging the one who was overheard in the first place, then accuses that person (me) obliquely and without reference?

And what do you call it when challenged on all that, the response is, “I’ve let it go already, and if you have any class, you’ll drop it as well”?

I call it subterfuge. Concealment. A feint. A distraction.

I call it bent. I call it “’kel’ domage”.

I call it cowardice.

This isn’t just drama. This is dramalamadingdong.

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