I ♥ NY

Look out, Manhattan, the God of Biscuits will be Big Appling it this week. I arrive late on Wednesday night, and will be in town until Saturday during the day.

Your GoB and Savatier (ok, I use gay fists and I wear capezios, but otherwise…) will descend on NYC like the Plague Peter Pan Jebus and bring cookies and good will to all humankind.

No, not really.

But I would like to see as many folks as possible while I’m there for my visit. I will be hangin’ and swangin’ with the DogPoet and Johnny mainly (and who doesn’t love ‘em some Mikey & Jennie deep fried action?), but hey, we get around.

Joe is gonna suggest a place to meet up on Friday, so I’ll post date and time stuff when it’s settled on. This means you, you, you and you and anyone else I may have missed…

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