In 24 hours I will be with my former next-door neighbors, Bill & Edgar.

Eight to ten hours after that, Mikey and Jennie!

And sometime (hopefully soon) after that, Walt and Byrne and Michael!

And JoeMyGod and hopefully plenty of others after that!

Oooooh! I could just pee!

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Facts Are Never Enough

Naïve, stupid, Dummy McStupidstein God of Biscuits.

Who would have thought that pointing out lies so that others would be wary would turn into a game of brinksmanship? Not me, folks. But maybe you all did.

Maybe drama is the lifeblood of blogs. Maybe there are too many people these days whose introduction to the internet has turned it into the pool that everyone pisses in but doesn’t ever admit to it. Or maybe it’s a personal Las Vegas: whatever happens on the internet stays on the internet?

And maybe that’s just a sign that I’m getting old. Kids these days. They think that just because there are two people at odds, that each automatically is as meritorious as the other. That there’s no endgame. No resolution. Just ongoing “can’t we all just along?”

It reminds me quite a bit of Intelligent Design. Just because it was an alternative to evolution and at least two or three were gathered in its name, it must be “valid” and must be given “equal time” to evolution. Well, except that evolution is based on referenced research and can be checked by anyone because the path backward is provided and anyone can reach objective conclusions or at least participate in informed discourse. Not so much with the Intelligent Design folks. No published papers. And every argument ends with: “God did it”.

I expected people to resist the idea that they had been duped—seems the only thing worse that being duped is being reminded that you were duped—but I also expected people to click on links to verify what I’d said. I guess that click is too much to ask, instead I’ve been relegated to being no better than the Al-malgam of Bents.

What’s more to say except, sorry, Moby? I was just trying to resolve a lie aimed at me and to save you some pain.

P.S. I totally stole the tag-line from my favorite Pastry Chef, who got it from somewhere else.

P.P.S A reminder: I let anyone post any comments they want here so long as a) they are on-topic and b) they don’t contain allegations of illegal behavior of others, demonstrable or not. It’s still a free country, folks. Take advantage while you can.

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Open Call for New Yorkers

So it looks like a few of us are meeting up:

<br/>WHERE: Ty’s Bar in the Village<br/> WHEN: Friday, May 19, 2006 @ 10pm

I don’t recall if I’ve ever been there (though I did do a bar crawl a few years back with Crashiepoo), but I’ve heard it’s a good place to be on a Friday night.

Hope to see a whole bunch of you there.

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