Airportmenu I just landed in Charlotte. She says hi.

The men are prettier in San Francisco than in the Charlotte, NC airport. I’m just sayin’. And a t-mobile wireless network taunts me by showing up in the list of accessible networks here, but refusing to establish a connection. Bitches.

I paid the $150 to upgrade my seat to first class (so yes, I have a first class seat…smack!) and I’m glad I did it. The ribs don’t hurt nearly as much as I expected them to after five hours sitting generally upright. I wonder if I can deduct it as a medical expense.

The MacBook Pro got a respectable 3.5 hours on a single battery. Battery number 2 is in place now, though hot-swapping the batteries didn’t work on this like it did on my PowerBook G4.

Off to NYC in about 40 minutes. Another almost two hours in the air.

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