Family Photos

Most of us have a strong sense of the family we were born into. Some of us (like me) feel incredibly lucky for the family we have.

Many of us gay men and women also have a sense of family—a chosen family. Even Marie understands this point: not long after Allen and I became a couple way back when, she sent me a sweatshirt that said “A Family is a group of people who love each other.”

And that’s the definition I like best, because it includes everyone.

I have decided to hang out with my family back here in Pennsylvania for a few days longer, because I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like with my family in a given year.

Oh, and it’s Jack and Marie’s 45th Wedding Anniversary today.


My Awesome Family<br/><br/>


Mikey and Jennie<br/><br/>


Edgar and Me (and Nikko!)<br/><br/>


Jack and Marie back in High School

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