Normally I can’t be buggered to pick up the tagging gauntlet, especially these days when I’m so busy, but this isn’t just any tag. I’ve been tagged by Crashie-poo, so I must follow through.

This tag is “five things to do in your City” (ok, the capitalization was mine, but I couldn’t help it). Five things to do in San Francisco? Easy one, even though San Francisco is a more be-in place than a do-in place, to my way of thinking (which is always right and if you don’t agree then I’m judging you).

So here goes:

  1. Eat the scampi at Caffe Sport at Columbus & Green in North Beach.
  2. Climb a hill and soak it all in. Any hill. Seriously.
  3. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge. International Orange will be your new favorite color.
  4. Spend a day in Golden Gate Park and try to keep remembering that it’s all a human conceit. Every last bit of the flora and fauna and construct and feature.
  5. Go to Point Bonita Lighthouse. So much history is brought into specific relief just by its presence. And the footbridge to get to it is fucking scary. And the view of the City is spectacular. And the Pacific Ocean is the best Zazen wall in the world.

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