Laptops on a Train

I’m on the way home now on Caltrain—facing North, as always—and I clicked the button to turn on Internet Sharing through my new Verizon toy. I don’t really know if anyone is using the connection because there aren’t any manager tools built in. Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?

I remember the days when I would walk into a coffee place with my PowerBook 1400cs and sheepishly open it while sitting in the corner to avoid being too much of a nerd. Now there are notebook computers everywhere, and one guy sitting a few booths back in this car has some huge setup that puts his laptop screen up at eye level. It’s a monstrosity. I know it’s ergonomically correct, but seriously, he’s taking up the whole table and there are too few stops on this be-oranged car because there’s a Giants game tonight in the City. Damnable beer-drunks, way too loud.

Bigger still, I’ve written twice in one day! This after writing no better than once a week for a while now. Yes, things are calming down some—and you Aperture users who have run Software Update today know why, but it’s just nice to have the online world at the ready.

I’d still be at the office, actually, if it weren’t for a rather unwelcome interaction between pain meds and migraine prevention meds. It’s like I’m rolling, except for it’s not fun.

I have a feeling I’m done for for the night when I get home. Siiiigh. Friday.

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