The braincramps headaches have abated just a bit. And by this I mean that often I can go for hours with the pain low enough to be manageable, and only occasionally take something potent when it starts to get unmanageable.

The train—where I am right now—seems to contribute to the headaches, both in the morning and in the evening. Probably more in the evenings because I’ve had a full day of looking at 30“ of Mac vastness and the bright sun and somewhat rough ride only add to it. Though I probably shouldn’t complain too much about the sun, because it’ll be gone by this hour soon enough. I have to thank President Bush for lessening my misery by a few weeks, but he could quit tomorrow and lessen it by a couple of years, if he really cared about the gays.

As the old song goes, ”I can dream, can’t I?“

Back on point, though, I’m feeling a bit floaty. In the sense that I think about wanting to read again. I think about wanting to learn different things. Set up the easel I bought and actually paint something.

This little bit of daylight is making me very happy. That door has finally cracked open…not enough, but the movement itself holds some promise for more. Ironic allusion, given that photophobia is the main ingredient in my braincramps.

I’m rambling. But I’m writing, at least: more movement.

Wait. Different kind of cramps.

(Oh yes! I went there!)

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