Unconscionable vs Tragic

Just leave it to the crazy christians.


I wasn’t about to say anything about Mary Cheney’s pregnancy mainly because I knew others would well-cover it. I was, however, going to extend my condolences to the Kim family, who lost husband and father, James, in the freezing cold of Oregon. He died trying to find help for his family, trying to save the lives of his wife and daughters bravely, selflessly—and unfortunately—at the expense of his own.

But how do you write about something like that? Not having children, I cannot say I would/could do the same as he did, but I expect I would. Why? Because my own parents would. And that will simply have to do for me.

I could make James into a Hero, but fabrication and exaggeration, even of a person’s better acts and traits is still a lie and still detracts from the essential humanity of James Kim’s act. He was a hero to his family. And, I’m sure, well loved. His seven-month old daughter, Sabine, will likely not remember her father and that is a bona fide tragedy. How do I know? I have parents myself and my mind recoils at the very idea that I would not have gotten to know my parents over all these years. And that will simply have to do.

I could even say that I know what Kati Kim is going through because I do know first hand what it’s like to lose your spouse, but I won’t because I wouldn’t assume that loss is the same for any two people. And that will simply have to do.

I say these things as a non-christian. I say these things as a person who has loved and lost and survived. I can empathize, but even empathy is not the same as knowing.

So here I sit. Gay man, super-ultra-liberal by nearly anyone’s standards (merely pragmatically forward-thinking to my own standards). No kids. No ready-attainability of being a father. And I can’t bring myself to politicize Mary Cheney’s pregnancy.

But that doesn’t mean others can’t!

A kind old lady by the name of Janice Crouse of the “Concerned Women for America” calls the miracle of new life “unconscionable”! But that lil lady has herself one of them cute Ph.D.’s. Can you imagine? They let women get educated these days! Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to have some kind of say in what goes on in their reproductive plumbing! What a world.

Next up is a waxen pretty, effete feminine filly, Carrie Gordon Earll! She’s only got an M.A., not a Ph.D. M.A.? Mistress of Arts-and-crafts? So she’s, like, totally qualified! What does Ms. Miss Earll think of Mary Cheney’s pregnancy? She says, “Love can’t replace a mother and a father.”

Yeah? tell that to the Kim Family, you fucking cunt.

Can you tell I’m angry? These people, these Christians, who insist they corner the market on sympathy and grace and warmth are nothing even close to human. They are hideous, gaping caricatures of humanity, souless and horrible.

Is this what’s become of the teachings of a man whose only Commandment to his followers was “Love one another as I have loved you”?

That’s tragic, too.

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