Fat-ass-assinate Castro!

It’s official. The Republicans in Congress have adopted a “Scorched Earth Policy”. They’re going to be petty and take cheap shots and give meaningless busy work—some might call that business-as-usual—to the incoming Democratic-led Congress.

Take Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Florida (Please!), for instance. Here’s a person who claims to be honored to be part of the federal government of a country which ostensibly espouses “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Now, maybe she’s been getting a lot of backchatter from other Republicans as being a softie and a nothing because she has:

  • a hyphenated last name
  • a Jewish last name
  • a vagina

But even that doesn’t excuse a person in her station of calling for the assassination of a foreign leader:

That is one classy ass(assination).

Then again, maybe I am at fault for thinking that Mel Gibson Michael Richards her Republican colleagues are racist and Pat Buchanan Rush Limbaugh sexist and should cut her a break.

Maybe she’s calling for an assassination of the Castro, the world’s capital of Ass-Ass Nation. Sure, killing’s a step up from quarantining and illegalizing, but it’s really just a difference of degree.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I may have been wrong. My bad.

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Andrew Sullivan

Died-in-the-scapular Catholic Buttboy Andrew Sullivan states:

Language is the first victim of an attempt to insist on ideology over reality. Orwell memorably described this. Here’s an update.

Tax “relief”. Repealment of “death tax”. “Trickle down economics.” The Kirkpatrick Doctrine.

Andrew’s ideologies really shine like the bright light of a Spring Day. Andrew’s nights, however, are spent riding his demagogic horse bareback. Either way, truth suffers from too much analysis.

If he agrees with Orwell, why does he write as if capricious use of language is a victimless crime?

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